Internet on the Go in Korea

Staying connected when you're overseas is a big deal. It's the way you stay in touch with loved ones and it's how you'll navigate when you're here in South Korea.

Our recommendation depends on the phone you have. For those with a mainstream phone that is unlocked, a combination of an e-sim for local data access and global roaming (calls only) on your primary sim is ideal. This means you still get incoming calls from home but also get the best rates for data in Korea. You'll be connected as soon as you walk off the plane!

If your phone is not unlocked or a little not mainstream. Don't sweat it! We totally have you covered. One, order a physical sim (taking care of its limitations) or carry your Korean Wifi supply. Both options are available below in Pre-Paid Sims.


An E-SIM is what you install when you want a connection as soon as you land. You won't need to visit a kiosk at the airport, just go directly to the limousine, or train. Check the advantages and disadvantages below to see if this connection is suitable for you.



  • Be connected as soon as you walk off the plane.

  • Minimal connection stress at home not at airport with possible language barriers

  • No waiting at airport kiosks

  • Switch between home and Korean networks with a few taps

  • No need to remove the home SIM and possibly lose it..

  • no phone calls/text messages without primary sim

  • Some phones may not be compatible

  • Android phones sold in Korea are not compatible


A pre-paid SIM is what most of us are familiar with. It's a little fiddly and you need one of those thingy mejigs if you do it yourself. You can either order it here online and then pick it up at an airport kiosk, or wait and look at all your options at the various airport kiosks.



  • The best option for older or unusual phones

  • Option available for phones on a locked plan

  • A variety of options/plans are available

  • Talk to real people in real-time when getting your sim

  • Get incoming calls/text free

  • May have to wait at the airport KIOSK

  • Not possible if you have pick up transport

  • higher prices at the airport.

  • risk of losing your primary sim

  • unable to make outgoing calls

Don't LOSE your home SIM!

Swapping SIMS at the airport?

Pack tiny sim in large labeled envelope!

IDrive is a cloud back up system that can be used across all your devices. It has better privacy than many with its privacy key and can be used cross platform. ie You can back up from IOS and restore to android and vice versa. IDrive also has some great rates that include 10GB for Free or 5TB for 7.95USD/month.


In the United States alone, the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) estimates that approximately 90,000 to 100,000 items are left behind at checkpoints each month. We imagine a significant percentage of those would be phones and other devices.

In most cases the value of photos and data you have on your phone will far outweigh the price of a new phone. If you don't have your phone backed up before leaving, please get this sorted before you do.

Don't be one of those who say it won't happen to me!