There are three apps we strongly recommend for tourists. We looked at many others but unfortunately, they didn't meet our Easy in Korea standards. Some information, like tourist destinations, is better left to websites. We also left out those apps that require ID or phone numbers, to stay focused on short-term travelers. If wish to hook into Korean messenger apps, food delivery, or order a taxi, go to Living Here Apps.

Phone Apps We Recommend

Of course, whether you're planning a short or long term stay you will need phone data to access apps on the move. So if this isn't sorted, check out your options soon. I planned to get mine at the airport, ran out of time at the airport, then had to rely on my hotel and restaurants for a wi-fi connection. Not ideal.

I am quite reliant on Papago. At first, I knew it existed but didn't really use it much. Now, I have come to love how i can screenshot my phone and then translate the photo. It's so awesome! It translates so many mediums. Type in sentences, it will translate. Speak into it and it will translate. Take a photo of a poster and it will translate it. Take a screenshot of a Korean website or email on your phone, and it will translate that too. Give it a go! You will be amazed how at one point you have no idea what you're looking at, and then with Papago, you do!



Download Papago for your trip.

A video on using Papago is coming soon. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for updates.

Seoul Subway -Official

Download Subway for your trip.

Up until now, I have been using an app called Subway. It makes life a whole lot easier and more convenient if you have a subway map on your phone. However, this new app announced by the Seoul Metropolitan Government in April 2023 has some extra features that have won me over. Similar to other apps, you can tap on journey start and finish points to see your route, but you can also see a range of tourist destinations, including subway exit numbers and general overviews. Live updates on departure times and station facilities also make this the perfect navigation app for both getting around and seeing the sights.

Kakao Maps

Download Kakao Maps for your trip.

A video on using Kakao Maps is coming soon. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for updates.

Google maps doesn't work real well here in Korea. Instead, we recommend using Kakao Maps, created by the locals. It can track your position, relative to where you want to go, but with the added advantage of giving detailed bus information, including arrival times. Be advised that some of the app is not in English, but shouldn't be needed most of the time. The reviews aren't great for those using it in the car but for getting around on foot and public transport, I think it's awesome.