Physical Sim Cards

Physical sim cards are a great option for those with phones that are not Esim compatible or for travelers needing a Korean phone number. You can have one delivered to your home before you go or pick it up at the airport if you have enough time for the registration process.

If your phone is locked by your primary provider, scroll down, we have a fix for that too.

Pre-Delivered Sim

Local number with voice calls and Texts

Delivered to your home before you leave

Skip the queue at the airport kiosk

Validity ranging from 30 days~ 120 days

Not suitable for phones on locked network

**Information above supplied for comparison only-click for full product description and disclosure

1-2 weeks delivery time required

Airport Pick-Up

Pick up available from multiple points

Korean phone number supplied

Calls/sms credit add option at airport

Competitive Prices

Must allow time at the airport for registration

Korean Sim Card Not Working?!

Did you buy a Korean sim card and it's not working? It could be that your phone is locked with your primary sim provider. If you are paying your phone off on a plan, providers will often lock it exclusively to their company. Meaning your sim card won't work with any other provider, not in your home country or overseas.

Whatever the reason, no internet access while you're in a new country is no joke. We all need maps, guides, real-time updates and so much more from internet while we explore.

Phone Locked?!

Try this!

Rental of a pocket wifi device has two big advantages. First, Wi-Fi networks on your phone are independent of your SIM activity. Meaning it is possible to leave your primary sim in (for calls/text from home) while you access local internet in Korea. Second, at only $2.60 per day for unlimited data (+security deposit) you can share that signal with two other devices. That could be who you're traveling with, or your own laptop and tablet.

Only $2.60 US x days needed

4G Unlimited Data

Credit Card (not debit) Requred

Multiple Pick Up Points available