If you're a short-term visitor wanting to avoid the hassle of signing up for a sim at the airport, then an e-sim is for you. The convenience of having a local connection soon after arriving cannot be overstated.


  1. Buy an e-sim with one of the options below.

  2. You will receive a QR code via email upon ordering

  3. Scan and download the e-sim to your phone

  4. Install the e-sim

  5. Activate the e-sim when you arrive in Korea.

Check phone is unlocked by your primary provider

Don't change out your primary sim!

Arrange for calls/texts overseas but get cheaper data with an eSIM

Keep it!

Ready Now?


eSIM with Trazy

10 Mbps (fast enough for browsing and streaming youtube (not Ultra HD)

Great if you're on you're phone a lot.

*Price comparisons for convenience only-check site for current prices

eSIM with ByteSim

Flexible Data Limits for Competitive Rates

Data Limits Restored Each Day

128kbps unlimited download speeds

*Price comparisons for convenience only-check site for current prices

after daily limit reached

Great when majority of use is on hotel wifi


My Connection isn't Working!

Don't find this out on the bus to your accommodation in South Korea. We know you have lots to think about at the airport but make this a priority! Check your e-sim connection while you're waiting in the immigration line. If it turns out you have a problem, there are telecommunication kiosks in the arrivals hall to help you..