Stay Connected in Korea

Not long ago, I traveled to Bali for a 3-day getaway. Excited about my trip, I spent ages online going over data options, because I knew global roaming was way too expensive. I became quite the expert. I knew the best and cheapest provider and decided to go with getting a sim at the airport.

Upon boarding the flight, I thought I had it all organized. Hotel was booked, transfers to the hotel arranged, a Wise debit card was set up for convenience and the best exchange rates, and I was all researched up on where to get the best sim at the airport. What I didn't see happening, was an almost 2 hour wait for baggage. My planned stop for a sim card was replaced by a mad rush through the airport so we didn't miss our transfer. It wasn't all crazy bad though. Wi-fi at the hotel was awesome, I just couldn't use maps, or find the best restaurants on the go.

What I should have done was get an Esim, but I put it off because I read the wrong site which made the process look really difficult. In reality, once you have made certain your phone is compatible, it's as easy as scanning and downloading an emailed QR code. It was even possible to get an E-sim at the hotel, after I had missed my window at the airport. You can literally get your data sorted before or after you arrive.

Apps For Korea

Once you have a solid data connection set up in Korea, you'll want to get the most out of it. You'll need an app that translates what you're looking at, another for getting around, another for finding places, and another for...well you get the idea. We suggest putting them on your phone before you leave. That way you can get a little familiar with how they work and they will be up and running the moment you arrive.