Spend like a Local in Korea

I loved using the Wise card on my last overseas trip. Every time I made a purchase I had to put in my pin, even for small amounts, but it was a good feeling to know they were safe transactions and I was getting good exchange rates. Just felt like I was a trendy up to date traveler getting the best deals in the system. In the info below I include some details on Wise and give an option to get a card below. If you purchase a Wise card through this website, I get a little commission from Wise. This is always greatly appreciated and helps motivate me in creating quality content that helps others while in Korea.

A T-money card is needed to board any of the public transport options in Korea. These cards can be purchased at subway stations (vending machines) or at convenience stores. While cards have no balance on purchase, credit can often be added at machines in the subway or at a convenience store.

One of the best reasons I have found for going with Wise is that exchanging cash at the bank or airport, has fees and charges hidden in the rate of exchange. Did you also know that using an ordinary credit/debit card has charges of up to 3% for every transaction? That adds up if you think of how many times you hand your card over in one day. It would be better to exchange a larger amount of money with one low upfront fee and then spend it gradually via the debit card over the time of your trip. This way you get the best rates without having to fumble a bulk of unknown cash notes over the counter every time you make a transaction.

I think you should definitely organize a little Korean currency before you arrive but for many purchases, a Wise Debit Card is a secure way of making payments overseas and is up to 8 times cheaper than using a traditional bank. The Wise app on your phone exchanges funds deposited from your home account to a virtual account in a different country (eg. South Korea). If you transfer the majority of what you would like to spend into the virtual account in one transaction, you will only pay the small transfer fee one time. It's also a comfort to know, you can use the Wise card in exactly the same way for other countries you decide to visit.

Moving Like a Local