You must be a little prepared to get around in Korea, otherwise, like any country, some may take advantage. One day, for example, I was running late to go pick up my sister and brother-in-law from Gimpo airport. My wife booked a taxi online to take me to the nearest subway station. In my limited Korean, I told the driver "Take me to Nokbeon station, please." We drove down to the first intersection, me thinking we were about to turn left towards the station. To my surprise, he took a right turn! Now, going in the complete opposite direction of the subway station, already running late, I asked him "Where are you going?!" Realizing I knew the area, the driver apologized profusely and turned the taxi around. After finally arriving at the subway station, the driver apologized again. For those wondering, I did make it to pick up my sister and brother-in-law, although it wasn't great that they were sitting around waiting. At least I had data on my phone and could let them know I was running late.

My Story of Getting Around

Travelers can't possibly be familiar with new their environment. That's half the excitement of going to a new country. All I am saying is try to have routes like getting to your hotel, organized in advance. If you have to use a taxi, make sure you can see where you're going with Kakao Maps (google maps may not be accurate). The driver may not take exactly the same route as what's on your phone, but you will have some idea if you're being taken on an all-expenses paid joy ride,

There are a few options when getting from the airport to your hotel. If your hotel doesn't have transfers included you can take the subway, an airport limousine bus, or a pre-arranged service. We will do our best to take you through each option. There is a good chance taxi drivers will come up to you but they are expensive. Know where you're going by planning ahead.

Transport from the Airport

Subway to Seoul

I love the subway, especially when you get on close to the starting point, like the airport. It means you can choose where to sit which is always a good thing when you have luggage to accommodate. In this case, the subway into Seoul is called the Arex and is the cheapest way into Seoul. If you're curious about what the walk from arrivals to the Arex station is like, give the video a watch. Also, when it comes time, make sure you have local currency to purchase and add value to a T-money card. Don't worry, I will include the how to of that in the video too. Expect to pay around 6USD (that includes the purchase of the $2.50 card. If you happen to have a Wise card with money from your home account, changed in to Korean won, just pay with the card.

  • T-Money Card: 2,500 won

  • Incheon Airport Terminal 1 to Myeong-dong: 4,150 won

Transport from the Airport

Limousine Bus

These buses are a little bit different and definitely more comfortable than other airport transfers. Just as a way of convincing you, I recall a time in Malaysia when the airport bus stopped midway only to then reconnect with a small truck, with seats on a closed back and bars on the windows! Anyways don't stress, this won't happen to you here in Korea. Instead, limousine buses are a great way to not only get into Seoul comfortably but also to many other parts of the country. My first trip to Korea was on a limousine bus to Jeonju, a small city about halfway down the South Korean peninsula. From memory (2007) it took around four hours. It was a comfortable way to travel and had rest stops along the way.

Feel free to watch the video and get a better idea of what to expect if you choose this form of travel. I have reviewed the bus layout, but more importantly, it shows how to navigate the bus stops directly outside arrivals.

Want to be fully organized? You can book and pay for your limousine bus here but just be mindful of a few things first.

Private Transfers

Do you have a lot of luggage? The last thing you want is to be dragging it through a subway or walking it from a drop-off point that is not directly outside your hotel. There are many private transfer options in South Korea, and I'm sure my research hasn't uncovered them all. However, the ones chosen have met the criteria of reasonable pricing and good reviews from other travelers (not myself). If you want to bypass a lengthy research process, I have provided a few affiliate links where I receive a small commission but with no extra cost to you. Should you go ahead with these or another option, please take care that the correct terminal (1 or 2) is defined your choice is supported with good reviews.

3 seater with up to 4 pieces of luggage with KKday USD66,need so be linked to KKday

Up to 7 or 11 people 138USD per group, needs to linked with Viator

Up to 3 people & 4 Pieces of Luggage